Tuesday, December 03, 2013


They stole from the stygian steppe
like shadows and blent with the night
an arrogant army adept
at snuffing the legions of light

their weapons were honed to an edge
that could slice through the hardiest mail
which made grizzled veterans hedge
and even the bravest souls quail;

it poured cross the land like a flood
a horrid, unstoppable force
that clamored to taste mortal blood
destroying all hope at the source,

but there was one person alive
whose valor withstood any blow
who struggled that we may survive
his blade downing many a foe.

They called this man Ravager Rex
though he had earned many more names
his sword was endowed with a hex
engulfing his victims in flames,

he'd once worked behind an old plow
until the marauders had killed
his family, provoking a vow
that every last one would be stilled,

his hatred of evil was fierce
his sword-arm unmercifully strong
and every foul heart he could pierce
meant one less among the dark throng.

The Lords of the balances plot
their intrigue as time disappears
while champions honor their lot
to guard the profusion of spheres.

***Well this is officially my 2000th post. I had hoped to make this a bit more epic but life has been a disruptive dilemma lately which seriously hinders my ability to muster the focus necessary for a long piece. Please enjoy!***

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