Sunday, August 25, 2013


Her scent is strangely sweet
like fruit that's ripe to pluck
I scanned the crowded street
without a bit of luck

I thought I saw her face
but knew I was mistaken
for no one has her grace
or my heart (completely taken)

and I can't stop my search
until she's in my arms
so I can worship in the church
of her celestial charms.


Mary said...

Ah - you have written 'the search' well. I think many are familiar with these kinds of searches...and we all hope.......

Bloggerage said...

Hey! Nice blog, you are quite talented.

Hope to see more good posts from you! Followed.

rch said...

Hey thanks alot Mary and blogger!

Lynn Proctor said...

wow, she does sound hard to forget!!

rch said...

Thanks Lynn!