Sunday, December 30, 2012


I want you to feel breathless
like you just faced something dire
I want your cardboard conscience
to ignite itself on fire
I want your heart to hammer
as it never beat before
I wish my words could do all this
and make you beg for more.

I want your mind to whisper
secret nothings to your soul
I'd love to see the fractured
feeling closer to the whole
you must recoup the innocence
you prematurely shed
I wish my words could do this too
and make you glad you read.

I want the salve of freedom
to relieve your shackle burns
I want your questing spirit
to seek unexpected turns
upon the path that few have trod
just waiting for some wear
I wish my words could pick you up
and somehow take you there.


Old Ollie said...

I've said it before, but sir: you can write a fine lyric. Keep the music coming in 2013!

rch said...

Thanks OO and happy new year to you.