Thursday, July 26, 2012


To try something new, that’s the whole point
inviting intuitive salve to anoint
creative compulsions that long to get through
that’s the whole point, to try something new.

To make lasting art, there’s more than one way
releasing the fetters so fancy can play
may spark an epiphany deep in the heart
there’s more than one way to make lasting art,

just be who you are with confident skill
while fashioning forms that uniquely fulfill
the need to respond to that call from afar,
with confident skill just be who you are.


ariverflowsby said...

think i'll breathe in some glue.
that will be something new.
would it be new to you, too?
what would be the best glue?

Lynn Proctor said...

awww this one really touched me <3

Paul Andrew Russell said...

to be oneself
that is the question
instead of following the sheeple's suggestions
the fads and fashions
brainwashing of minds
in place of true passions
the ones that we find
by being ourselves
and listening to our hearts
like Bob with his poetry
a good place to start
his work has integrity
is honest and true
do like the man says
try something new.

Nice one, Bob. Love it.

rch said...

richard try Elmers - if that's too weak
go for Gorilla and meet your freak!

Thanks Lynn!

Hey Paul, very nice and much appreciated 8^D