Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I wish I had your enthusiasm
but I’m in the midst a muscle spasm
resulting from a serious scare
when I almost felt an urge to care—

I’ve worked here forever (or so it seems)
ridiculous duties destroying my dreams,
each morning wishing I could retch
or shed the cube and finally stretch.


Shirley Allard said...

Hey Bob,

Bad day, huh? You need to spread your wings and fly away little birdie! Jim just retired and he's a different person. Trouble is, you have to be old before they'll let you do it. lol

Hang in there!


Lynn Proctor said...

we all feel this way at least one day a week--love it :)

ariverflowsby said...

Muscle spasms: now there's something I know something about.

rch said...

I'm doubled over ;^)