Friday, December 02, 2011


Amos the android could be quite beguiling
he practiced the premise of unrehearsed smiling
his circuits were coded to simulate life
to learn from both pleasure and strenuous strife
constructed of alloys that made him eternal
he knew to find truth you search by the kernel
without the depression of living to die
he began to unravel the riddle of why.

A movement sprang up inspired by his writing
which cautioned against the futility of fighting
and once people started to heed what he said
they found their aggression was easily shed
all flags were torn down and nations disbanded
the concept of freedom was vastly expanded
a world where redemption was finally supplied
by an android named Amos who never knew pride.


Brother Ollie said...

rch - How do you crank these out? This on is really good - it has nice original narrative.


Paul Andrew Russell said...

I like this, Bob. Very nice. :-)

Unknown said...

Technology. Very constructive. I admire your way with words.

Erick Flores

rch said...

Thanks guys, sci-fi is one of my fav subjects.

As far as my output lately I started with the goal of reaching 200 posts this year which I did and now my over acheiver side wants to see how many consecutive days I can post, right now it's over 2 months straight. Two tools have helped me, my smart phone with word processing app to jot whenever thoughts hit me, second is my e-reader and a site called Project Guttenburg, a site with 36,000 free books to download, I have been immersed in the words of our predecessors and loving it. Whew that's more explaining than I've done in a while, my thumbs hurt ;-)

Jan Freeman said...

Great poem, Bob. An android that (who) cares and dares might just be what we need :-)