Thursday, June 09, 2011


“Come and see the toad that glowed!”
an enterprising raven crowed
with such excitement when he spoke
that all the woodland creatures showed,

but disappointment quickly loomed
because they knew the act was doomed
when the gloomy toad was heard to croak
“The firefly has been consumed.”


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Well, this is a twist - I love the "gloomy toad" croaking "the firefly has been consumed." Clever poem.

Anonymous said...

You are what you eat! clever poem. Vb

Susannah said...

LOL, delightful, I loved it. :-)

Isabel Doyle said...

if you kiss a toad do you get a Cardinal?

David said...

Nice. Funny. And not at all average!

Anna :o] said...

Brilliant! Reminds of fairs when you roll up to see the sideshow and are disappointed. Again, brilliant!

Anna :o]

Old Raven said...

Very clever! Loved it!

rch said...

Hi all, I just happened to write this the same day as the prompt and felt it was a good match for the subject. Thanks for the great comments :)