Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mortimer's Morsel - IX

“NO!” cried Mortimer in shock
his tiny mind upset,
unable to accept what he had seen
he had to hunker down to block
the still impending threat
but only one thought bounced within his bean—
Where in the world was Augustine?

When the danger seemed at last to pass
and Mortimer could walk
he quickly scrambled down to claim his prize
he gazed upon the chocolate mass
and felt his muscles balk
at thoughts of moving anything that size
but luckily he knew a bunch of guys.

He hurried home to tell his tale
which no one would accept
until he showed the sample he had saved
and then they formed a work detail
excluding the inept
for there were other horrors to be braved
obtaining this confection that they craved.

And all the while that they marched
the strangest thing occurred
it seemed he suddenly had countless friends
he looked at some with eyebrows arched
they never ere proffered
the caring pleasantries an ally sends
he found himself confused by these new trends,

and truth be told a bit annoyed
he had no time to think
for someone new was always standing there
pretending they were overjoyed
or swaying on the brink
of ecstasy if only he would share
a moment of his day to meet their stare.

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