Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It’s not always wise to know math
imbalance can multiply wrath
when those at the top
relentlessly shop
while claiming they’re taking a bath.


Cynthia said...

Hey AP. Very astute my dear.
Yep, it's annoying when the masses
can do math, isn't it? However,
not half as annoying when folks
claim they're so bankrupt, yet
continue to buy condos and such.

Shirley said...

Hey Bob,

Congratulations for being nominated for Poet Laureate of the Blogoshpere!
I just gave you my vote!

Anyone who wishes to cast a vote for Bob can do so here.

Best of deserve it!


rch said...

Hey Cynthia, so true, sad but true.

Hi Shirl,

Thanks for your unflagging support but it appears the numbers are against me as usual, and campaigning for something I'll lose will make my current level of frustration just about unbearable :|

Shirley said...

Sorry. :( Feel free to delete the comment if you wish.