Monday, April 04, 2011


I watch the wires waver in the wind
impinging on the poles from which they hang
like pious tethers shaking those who’ve sinned
by asking if their god was just a bang,
considering the benchmarks we’ve achieved
when daring to condemn the masses call
you’d think we know there’s more to be believed
than ancient fears that hold us in their thrall.
Philosophy and dogma put aside
we’ve got to live with senses unimpaired,
impervious to prior farces hatched
when people were confounded by their pride
ignoring the one purpose that we’ve shared—
to forward truth without the strings attached.


Dimps said...

Hello Bob,

Long time.. Just got some time to leave some comments ...

Quite meaningful and deep... Nice verbiage :)


rch said...

thanks dimps so nice to 'see' you, take care :)