Monday, January 31, 2011


I can still see that little music room
with steps cascading down like falling notes,
adorned with anxious kids that longed to boom
their joyous song from prepubescent throats,
and I can hear that bright piano ring
compelling us to always keep it fun—
if blessed, we meet someone that makes us sing
for me Mrs. Lazarou was the one.
She always seemed to see in me a truth
I couldn’t see, and pushed me hard because
she hoped I’d gain momentum from the shove,
I still feel as confused as in my youth
but know just how instrumental she was
instructing me on what it means to love.

***I just read in the paper today that my elementary school music teacher was recently honored. I can't begin to tell you how this woman shaped my early concept of art and self expression. I tried to link to it but you need to pay, but it is the top story right now at so check it out :)***


Shirley said...

Hey Bob,

Very touching. I checked it out and decided to browse your local paper and found this... would love to read the rest of the story. Congratulations on being recognized! They even got your name right. ;)

Local musician wins international competition

By JESSICA MAHER Recorder News Staff Amsterdam resident Robert Hazelton took second prize last month in an international competition that honors his favorite Beatle. When Hazelton heard about the Liverpool Lennon Paper Poet Competition, which is hel ...

Anonymous said...

je suis nouveau ici j'aime vous lire ;)
je voulais vous remercier pour votre super site internet !
Bonne continuation
Nicolaseo, Rien de mieux que le referencement naturel.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

That's cool, Bob. :-)

I must say, I love this line:

'...with steps cascading down like falling notes,...'


rch said...

thanks Shirley and Paul and frenchie ;)

Unknown said...

Bobby (At least that is how I remember you),
My mother was blown away by your most thoughtful words! How kind of you to take the time and thought to write and publish such a lovely tribute. She immediately tried to look you up in the book but could not find you, so I told her I would find you on the internet. Please know how touched she is that you remembered her so fondly.
Chris Lazarou Sherlock

rch said...

Hi Christine, long time no see. I'm so glad your mother liked it, her guidance was so pivotal to my early development.

Tell her every time I hear the Nutcracker I remember how she took us to SPAC to see it on her own time, it was quite a magical experience and one I will cherish forever. Tell her I also said thank you for helping me find my voice.

Thank you, I can't tell you how much this means to me!!

Take care,


Anonymous said...


Mrs. Lazarou would lke to get in contact with you but has no number or address. Her number 843-1732

I think we went to sunday school together a 100 years ago! What a beautiful poem!

Can email me at if you need more info.

Tracy Gasner-Hidde

rch said...

Hi Tracy, thanks I just had a great conversation with her!