Thursday, January 20, 2011


How can people do the things they do to one another?
Why would someone sentient decide to calmly smother
any shred of empathy existing in their being
to perpetrate atrocities some lunacy is freeing,
extinguishing with prejudice the innocence conceived
before the crumbled towers left our consciousness bereaved?
I think about these troubled souls and find my conscience torn
between the need to see them dead, and to justly mourn
the heinous ruination of another human brother,
is that how people do the things they do to one another?

***I wrote the first half of this in April 2007 after some other horrible public massacre and have been inspired by recent events to revisit it, I was going to just bump it and add my revisions but decided to leave it there and repost as a new one. Who can say why someone would do what that murderer did in AZ but hopefully through Congresswoman Giffords and the other survivors this story will be about the courage and determination of the human spirit and not the insanity that started it all.***


Jinksy said...

Understanding can be hard...

Paul Andrew Russell said...

"Bad things happen when good people do nothing." Edmund Burke.

This is a difficult one, Bob. The freedoms people have won over many years have become something different when we constantly allow people the freedom to commit these atrocities. And we do ultimately allow it.

For what other reason is there for letting ordinary people walk around with guns in their belts?

I understand the need for weapons for protection back in the days when the land was full of wild animals. I understand farmers and ranchers needing to protect themselves from animals like bears that still roam certain places.

However, I see no credible reason for people living in cities, towns and villages, the seats of so called civilisation, to even feel the need to own guns, unless they want to kill people.

If we didn't allow the ownership of handguns, machine pistols, machine guns, shotguns and rifles in places where they are not a necessity to stay alive, then we would stop all these massacres.

How many of those potential murderers would get away with trying to kill a bunch of people then?

rch said...

Hi Jinksy, it really is :(

Hi Paul, I feel you man, I'm not a big fan of guns myself.