Thursday, September 16, 2010


Don’t waste it on a tomb
where lost ambitions loom
it’s Summer’s final bloom

whose bittersweet perfume
should decorate a room,
don’t waste it on a tomb

an undeserved doom,
for nothing can illume
like Summer’s final bloom.

The coldness will consume
that fleeting floral boom
don’t waste it on a tomb

or angrily assume
the wonder of the womb
is Summer’s final bloom.

Deny December’s gloom
don’t waste it on a tomb
or hastily presume
it’s Summer’s final bloom.


Carrie Van Horn said...

Summer's final has a slight sadness to it, yet the thoughts conveyed here are beautiful tribute to all of life and it's seasons. It is a lovely poem Bob. :-)

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I feel rather sad now that it does seem summer has left us here too. I always feel the same way and yet, it is also nice to tidy up the leaves of autumn in preparation and looking forward to the new growth etc.
However, it does not ease the immediate disappointment, that summer has left us!
That old seasonal despair!!!
Best wishes,

pieceofpie said...

yes, the cast has been set the next season comes... so sorry to see summer go... after reading your poem a few times i had to wonder is this a poetry form or free form... it was the repeating stances that made me question...

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Glad to see summer flee,
lovely poem!

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Oh Yes, the end of summer. What a depressing time. Rain and snow, what a lot to look forward to.

Nicely rhyming piece.

Unknown said...

Hmm...sweet blend of rhymes....perfectly delivered..hmmm

rch said...

Hi all, this was inspired by some daffodils planted outside my diner that keep popping out a yellow smile even though we are on the cusp of fall :)

ps pieceofpie it is a villanelle though I changed it into a mono rhyme

Jan Freeman said...

I enjoyed it. A cleverly and nicely worded poem. Thanks.

rch said...

Hi Jan, thanks a lot!