Thursday, August 13, 2009


The only bond I seek
is with the world I tread
a haven for the weak
that huddle up in dread
when those in ‘power’ speak—

I’d rather run instead
through fields beside a creek
where no one else has fled
or voiced their mindless shriek
to soothe my aching head

and maybe try to eke
a living less misled
beneath a soaring peak
existing on the bread
that’s poison to the meek.


Shirley said...

I had an editor at the paper that once said he wished he were a millionaire so he could afford to live a life of poverty. That makes more and more sense to me as I get older and is the same message I hear in your poem. I hope you find your escape! Just don't leave a trail... ;)

Dimple said...


Hope you doing good :-)
Very nicely written & the last line is amazing! Your creation shows the depth...
Have a nice weekend.

rch said...

Hey Shirley don't worry, I won't ;)

Hi Dimps, I'm fine hope you are as well. Thanks and take care.

Anonymous Poet said...

If Henry David Thoreau (somehow) tried to re-write Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" (even though it was published after he died) I think he would come up with something like this piece.