Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I journeyed from the depths below
to that shrine where wild flowers grow
and clouds come close enough to know;

I beckoned one to socialize
but it ignored my squeaky cries
preferring the untainted skies

then left without a second glance—
consoled by blossoms’ breezy dance
I managed a forgiving stance

forgetting what it means to frown
just long enough to cast eyes down
and watch a monarch leave it’s crown

to also fly away scot-free,
somehow escaping gravity
and all the hapless fools like me

that wonder on such perfect days
if we could ever thusly raise
ourselves above our worldly ways.


Noah the Great said...

You never break a rhyme with a word that could have been improved.

Stacey said...

wonderful as usual, hope your well Bob ;-D

Shirley said...

Hi Bob, so nice to have you back and sounding happy. This reminds me of "Labor Day at the Shrine". The same feeling comes across. Sounds like a place you should visit more often.

rch said...

Hey Noah thanks bro!

Hi Stacey thanks and I hope you are as well :D

Hello Shirley, very perceptive of you. It is an actual shrine to martyrs in Auriesville NY but alas I can't find any pics that do it justice.

Shirley said...

I guess you'll have to go armed with digital camera next time! :)