Friday, November 16, 2007


I thought I just heard something
almost being said
a low persistent murmuring
somewhere in my head
like sap beneath the weathering
impatient to be bled
I swear I just heard something
almost being said.


HouseMouse said...

Very nice. I like it. There's something soothing and graceful about it and it's very complex in it's simplicity.

Drook said...

yeah, i would agree. kinda feels like a summary of my entire blog though, word up.

poetry_pete said...

I just wanted to let you know that I sponsor a poetry contest with a $10,000 first place prize every month. I thought your poem would be a good candidate. Just click my name for the site. Keep on writing...

rch said...

Hi Shirley, thanks a lot, as I said below 'plying the uncluttered plain' ;)

Hey drook, thanks for dropping by.

Hey pete thanks for the link but a check would be better!

Brian said...

very nice, indeed. this is great. i always like how you use rhyme and it is pleasant... i am only capable of using rhyme obnoxiously, so i avoid it.

rch said...

Hi Brian, thanks. I often find myself reading really smooth free verse such as yours and thinking the same thing - wish I could write like that. Have a great holiday my friend,


writerwoman said...

I like this one. The idea of almost speaking the words and almost hearing them- its all underneath the surface.

rch said...

Hi double W, thanks, this seems to be something a lot of writers can relate to. Take care,