Friday, September 07, 2007

To Do

I’ve got my list of all the tasks that really must be done
but first let’s talk frivolities; you know it’s much more fun
and then someone important can discover how we shun
our necessary duties while our fulsome flappers run.

(Too bad I never earned my degree
in acting more decisively.)


HouseMouse said...

Could you add one more thing to that list? I would like to feature your poetry on the front page of for October. Think you could manage to fit that in?


rch said...

well based on my ever dwindling readership I'd recommend picking someone that people might actually enjoy

HouseMouse said...

OK. If that's really the way you feel I will respect your opinion of your own work. Personally, I think you're an awesome poet but you already know what I think. Obviously you don't agree with me.