Friday, September 28, 2007

Sound Off

I started my day with a SNAP CRACKLE POP
then had a bowl of mush
protesting joints refuse to stop
and I can’t make them hush,
so I’ll just ignore those gruesome sounds
that come with every pang
and try to focus on ending my rounds
with some kind of WHIZ BOOM BANG.


Bubba said...

I hear ya... being of 'a certain age', the cacphonic symphony created by my knees alone are enough to make the clock hestitate before resuming its tick.

Well done...

drook said...

yeah i like this too, it has pow in it

rch said...

I thank you good sirs!

Brian said...

very nice way to express the sometimes painful sounds of morning movement

rch said...

tell that to my knees :D