Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A title’s nothing more than just a name
albeit somewhat fanciful, it’s true
what matters though should be what people do
and not their pompous labels gained by fame.
Whose contribution makes the day less gray—
a sweaty plumber draining what they can,
a wispy willow with a spray-on tan,
or those that seek precocious words to say?
In everyone resides a shred of worth
but only when we give will we aver
that no one has the power to confer
nobility to anyone on earth.
Despite our knack for sometimes making sense
we’re still just creatures of inconsequence.


ozymandiaz said...

"a wispy willow with a spray on tan"...
'tis true, we shall be judged by our deeds
and our words
and our thoughts
and our inactions
and last but not least, by those with whom we keep company
damn, that's a lot of judging.

housemouse said...

Hey Bob,
Great write...are you trying to say you feel more comfortable being un-titled?