Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hey everybody, hope all is well with anyone who may read this. My life as a cook/owner has been incredibly hectic (though I’m not complaining) but on top of that work has been rather tedious lately. I’ve worked where I currently am twenty years performing various tasks and never had one bad review, often doing several jobs above and beyond my job description for a nominal salary. The last couple of years with increases in medical deductions, the cost of living, and decreases in the amount of raises, I’ve actually been losing money while my workload triples. Then they find out that I’ve started my own business so they start whipping me because this is a ‘what have you done for me lately’ kind of place and meanwhile the team I used to work with (and get along with) famously was replaced by a bunch of the most disingenuous and nonproductive people I have ever met, making it just horrible to even show up, but bills must be paid.
Well enough whining, I just wanted to explain why a lot of my writing has been short lately, I literally only have minutes to jump on and post so I try to stay pithy. I am airing a couple of my recent vents and hope to have some longer works done soon. Thanks for reading and commenting and writing your own great material which often inspires me. Take care!!

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Crunchy Weta said...

HIja Bob, Although your circumstances are less than ideal, I take great enjoyment from reading your poems about working. I had been wondering if it was your new business that was getting to you and am glad it is your other job! The sooner you can leave them the better - and working two full time jobs sucks.
BYe for now