Sunday, December 03, 2006

You Want That To Go?

Well how is everybody? Me, tired but satisfied. After a month straight of working the 'day-job' and then going to the restaurant and cleaning, painting, planning, decorating and finally tonight cooking, we are ready to open. Hopefully people will enjoy the food and spread the word. We are right next to a Dominos Pizza place and they came over to buy some cheeseburgers with fries. They said it was very good, so now we have made our first buck. May many more follow. I've been working on the conclusion to Briar's Patch and should have it done soon, until then here's a little poem I wrote for a contest earlier this year that didn't seem to move the judges, but maybe it will say something to somebody in the blogiverse. Farewell for now,


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Anonymous said...

Your poetry always says something...the fun has always been in figuring out what it says! I had Billy feature your Briar's Patch on his site while you were away...hope you didn't miss it. We'll have to be sure he features the rest of the story as well. Take care, have fun and yes, I want fries with that. Do you deliver to southern NH? LOL Best of Luck, Shirl