Wednesday, September 06, 2006

River Song

I remember fishin’ with my friends down by the river
When I was just a boy of ten
There was a tug on my line, I reeled in my prize
But it felt like I had betrayed an old friend
So without a single word I turned and set that sucker free
We all just watched it swim away so peacefully

Then we sat beside the Mighty Mohawk as it rolled by
And talked of what we might achieve before our time to die
Watching that dark water on its way down to the sea
We dreamed about our destinies
Yes we dreamed of great destinies

There were many sunny days beside that river
All through my high school years
We’d play our guitars, singing songs of life
And talk about all our fears
We all knew that soon we’d have responsibilities
But we were in no hurry to face maturity

We played beside the Mighty Mohawk as it rolled by
Contemplating mysteries that made us wonder why
And as that dark water made its way down to the sea
We wrestled with our own insecurities
Yes we learned all about uncertainty

Then High School ended and we went our separate ways
I left to see the world 20 years ago today
Now I feel it’s time to head back home, settle down and stay
I’m looking for that river 'cause I know it’ll show me the way

Now I’m sitting here beside the Mohawk River
I finally made it back to Amsterdam
I know where I’ve been, got an idea where I’m going
But sometimes I still wonder who I am
I’ve heard it said before that you cannot go home again
But I just stopped by to visit an old friend

As I sit and watch that Mighty Mohawk roll by
I realize I am home, and it makes me want to cry
And as surely as that water makes its way down to the sea
It flows from deep inside of me
Yes it flows from within the heart of me


Jo Janoski said...

What a great song! Makes me remember being young, spending so many summer nights under the moon, looking at the stars, and wondering what life held for the future. It all seemed so mysterious...and awesomely cool, actually. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, now all you need is the music! As a kid I spent hours playing beside the brook (we didn't have a mighty river) just watching the water go by or hiding out under the bridge. I would still find it a peaceful place to hide out but mother nature took the bridge and progress replaced it with a culvert. Kinda hard to hide out in there! :) Shirl

Crunchy Weta said...

///(!^!)\\\ Weta applauds with all six feet clapping. Fantastic.

ozymandiaz said...

Sweet memories.
Never been very sentimental about my youth. May be something to do with not having friends...
Well, other than the imaginary type that is.

rch said...

Hi Jo, thanks a lot!

Hey Shirley, this already has music composed, maybe someday I'll get it recorded.

Hi Glenn, kewl, thank you!

Well oz if it helps I've never fished at the river or anywhere else, I hate it actually. ;)