Thursday, September 14, 2006


Observing fluids percolate and flow
from flask to tube, my Bunsen burner flares
a bluish flame, reminding me of stares
your loving eyes would commonly bestow.
Those many fruitless nights I spent in search
of answers, you were painfully alone,
expecting that the diligence I’d shown
would bring success; but faith can only perch
upon its pedestal so long before
it falls. I heard the crash and rushed like mad
to see the single constant that I had
lie shattered, like a beaker on the floor.
I’ve struggled since that night without a break—
redemption is a compound hard to make.


ozymandiaz said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, You and your scientific mind...I love it! Redemption is indeed a hard one to make but fortunately it can be earned. Beautiful flow to this one.

Crunchy Weta said...

Ahhh another alchemical searcher. This appeals to my chemistry degree (far far more than working as a chemist would!)

rch said...

Well this was penned for a contest where the subject was 'an appalling fascination with science' but of course no luck so now it is relegated to obscurity in my diary of digital dross. Thanks my friends!!