Wednesday, January 03, 2024


It takes you to another place
A long forgotten time
To get you past the droning signature lag
An interval of lilting grace
Beyond the grief and grime
A shortcut to escape the latest snag

Conveying sentimental souls
Through dark uneven ways
A portal to that lost idyllic Then
You touch the radio controls
Remembering that blaze
The span you wish you could traverse again.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh yes, a portal to when we and the world were young - and the wish we could traverse it again. That is the gift of music for sure. Beautifully said, Bob.

Mary said...

Makes me think of how I turned the dial looking for the best music, and when I found the RIGHT songs how ecstatic I was! A "Portal to that lost idyllic" says it all. Feeling nostalgia after reading this!

rch said...

Hey Sherry, I was thinking a bridge is a section of a song that takes the listener from one part to another, but it’s also a structure so I started this poem then turned on the radio and Bridge Over Troubled Water was playing so I said to myself it was meant to be written 😆

Brother Ollie said...

Music is a bridge past the grief and grime. I sometimes feel that I'm wasting time if music is playing.

rch said...

Hi Mary, yes those old songs really spark some intense memories.

Hey Ollie, I know exactly what you mean, so nice to see you.

Susan said...

Yes, the bridge! Time to gasp and grasp the heart, soar to the end or start all over again. That is important in the structure of music to help it work on my emotions! And then of course, there are bridges from one part of our lives to another. Very insightful, even beautiful!

rch said...

Hi Susan, I love when the music changes, and have come to appreciate the figurative connections that weren't torched as well, thanks. 😃

Sumana Roy said...

"The span you wish you could traverse again."...This is everyone's wish I think. Aha...this was another space another time.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to be able to travel back in time and with music - Jae

rch said...

Hi Sumana, I figured that was something many people could relate to 🙂

Hi Jae, those oldies do it every time 😆