Tuesday, January 24, 2023


Daffodils abound
Their golden faces vibrant
Meadows burn with life—

What was green has browned
As gentle winds turn violent
And cut like a knife—

Crystals dampen sound
To brave the cold is valiant
Slosh and slog through strife—

Barren muddy ground
Should soon be nice and verdant
Robin seeks a wife.

***Well it’s been a while since I explained a poem but this one compels me to. A post for a contest came up in my feed which didn’t specify an entry fee, so I figured why not. It’s one or four haiku(s) about the 4 elements, easy enough, so to give it a little more depth I rhymed the first lines, the last lines and the middle line I ended with variations of words that begin with V and end in T, and I also included the four seasons. When I went to enter it the entry fee reared its greedy head and I said, oh well guess it goes on the blog, so hope you enjoy 😉. ***

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