Sunday, June 17, 2018

Am I

I laid down for the night in my abode
And watched the vibrant fireworks explode
The colors that I saw were bright and true
But none of them could quite compare to you
Who sparkles with an iridescent glow
Am I in love or high? I’ll never know.

The crickets chirped a charming lullaby
As stars began to decorate the sky
The mysteries of the universe are deep
Just like the feelings for you that I keep
Within the heart that misses you each day
Am I in love or dreaming, who can say?

I close my eyes but I can clearly see
Two arms that open lovingly for me
We had it all (or so we would believe)
Until that day you felt you had to leave
And now I can’t stop picturing your face
Am I in love? That seems to be the case.

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