Friday, March 03, 2017


Remember that suit
I was dreaming about?
Well it's still just a fantasy *scowl*
but I'm resolute
refusing to pout
despite how the wicked winds howl

I still long to fly
above all this gray
and bask in the balm of the sun
but there's nowhere to buy
the supplies, so I'll say--
that yarn has yet to be spun.


Anonymous said...

Well woven

Donna Smith said...

Let go of the slack,
You've wings on your back!
Get flying;
You don't need that kite!
You'll soon be up there
Add parachute and prayer -
For you won't want
To fall from that height.

:) Donna

rch said...

Hey thanks Martin and Donna, haven't linked back to another poem in a while but that wind made me think of my kite suit for sure 🙋