Friday, December 02, 2016


In that quaint little house in the valley
right beside a mercurial creek
I fathomed the terrible tally
and learned to embargo the bleak.

Cocooned in a bucolic bower
where beauty can't help but abound
you're taught by the grace of the flower
and friendlier ears can't be found;

despite a delight in the corny
I'm stoically trying to stay
away from a path that is thorny
while still staying true to my way

remaining completely impartial
to all of the popular lies
yet trying my hardest to martial
the strength to keep searching for whys.


Anonymous said...

Well told. In the end...

rch said...


Elliott Maisonet said...

HI my name is Elliott, and I was wondering if maybe I could make a deal with you. if I add a link on my blog for your blog would you be willing to do the same for mine? if not its ok

rch said...

Hi Elliot, nice to meet you. As you can see on my blog I like trading links so just let me know what site you want me to link to.

Elliott Maisonet said...

Elliott Maisonet said...

its nice to meet you too, and thank you :)

rch said...

The blogspot link didn't work so I used your Google + 😁