Thursday, July 14, 2016


I was talking to that old man today
you know the one whose thinning hair is gray
and there was only one thing he could say
"It seems my friend the world has gone astray.

There's people killing people out of hate,
while those ordained to lead just instigate
and if we follow them our only fate
will be to die indentured to the state."

And as he spoke I felt the weight of chains
then said, "But surely freedom still remains."
He said, "That's just a word from old campaigns,
we long ago gave up the truth for gains."

So now I'm sitting here with my guitar
considering what values really are
and wishing mightily on every star
that somehow we can heal this painful scar

for if you truly feel that love's the way
then you should not be drowning in dismay
but waking up to nurture every day
a world that is a better place to stay.


Anonymous said...

Well penned. Thank you for this

rch said...

Working on music for it 🎸