Thursday, December 24, 2015


They're back to talking heads
you know what that must mean
that soon they will be dead
contrived by the machine
and everything we're fed
will be served on a blue screen

and if you choose to eat
you're in for a surprise
the stuff they say is meat
while pleasing to the eyes
will leave you incomplete
a smorgasbord of lies

their gag-inducing course
that's trussed with many strings
as they amass a force
to guard the would-be kings
that will not feel remorse
when the concussion rings.


Ostensible Truth said...

" everything we're fed
will be served on a blue screen" - such is the current buzz of culture

David Alan Binder said...

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rch said...

Thanks OT it's not looking good.

Hey David we already have talked 😉