Thursday, November 12, 2015


There are those who hang on every word you say
and some that wish you would just go away
I seem to be meeting the latter today

so graciously I shall desist
from asking if you get my gist
and humbly as I can -- exist.


Dan said...

;) Nice

Dan said...

;) Nice

David Alan Binder said...

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Donna Smith said...

If your humble existence
Has met with resistance,
Lack of helpful assistance...
With poetic insistence
I advise your persistence
To improve your subsistence!
Prepare to out-distance,
Attempt some consistence
A true piece de resistance,
For future reminiscence.

While I may sound quite dense
This COULD make some sense...
Though perhaps not immense.

Hope to hear more from you soon!

rch said...

Thanks Dan, nice to see you.

David I have emailed you but I will say here nice blog and keep at it!

Hey Donna thanks for the poetic encouragement, I have been giving my brain a bit of a rest but the words won't leave me be ;-)