Thursday, June 26, 2014

When Wembley met Matilda

In springtime when the flowers sprout
Encouraged by a gentle rain
All types of creatures venture out
To start the cycle once again

Beside a giant swaying elm
In which a tawny owl hoots
There lies the dank and loamy realm
Where Wembley Worm once put down roots.

Now Wembley wasn’t merely meek
He always trembled, downright shy
Avoiding not just Robin’s beak
But even every passerby

He’d burrow down beneath the tree
To shiver in the chilly ground
Alone with just his misery
Uncertain moans the only sound.

One day a friendly little gnat
Caught sight of Wembley in his hole
She buzzed, “Hi, please come out to chat.”
But Wembley shook beyond control

He dug down deeper in the dirt
Until he could no longer hear
That scratchy drone which didn’t hurt
But put a tickle in his ear.

Matilda was a thoughtful bug
And though it seemed a trifle strange
She felt an urge to give a hug
And help this gloomy worm to change.

The next day as she whizzed about
She made a point to softly land
Beside the spot where he would pout
To try and coax him from the sand

“Oh please forgive my brash advance
I know the world can be a scare
But if you give me one small chance
I’ll show you other people care

Come out; come out to see the sun
And drink the silver morning dew
Together we can have some fun
Before the day is finally through.”

As tempting as her offer was
Old Wembley still could not say yes
He hunkered down until her buzz
No longer made him curious.

Matilda flew home with a smile
She never backed down from a fight
She knew that it might take a while
But Wembley Worm would see the light.

The following day she came back
And took her place beside his door
Prepared to try a different tack
She cleared her throat to speak once more.

“I’m here again to voice my plea
Come look around my timid friend
If you don’t pop up once to see
You’ll always wonder in the end.”

Now this made Wembley start to think
Of course he didn’t want to hide,
While thinking he began to slink
Then suddenly, he was outside!

He blinked and rubbed his tiny eyes
Which quickly darted all around
He shuddered but to his surprise
There was no danger to be found.

“Hello, how are you bashful one?”
He heard a small voice kindly say
“My name’s Matilda, no don’t run,
I’m so glad you came out to play.

I know you’re scared, I would be too
But look, I think it’s plain to see
A worm as big and strong as you
Has naught to fear from little me.”

So in a slightly shaky tone
He said “My name is Wembley Worm
I live my life right here alone
Where everyday I fret and squirm

I’ve never had a friend before
But if you want, I’ll really try
Just don’t get mad if I’m a bore
I’m not the most exciting guy.”

At this, Matilda had to grin
She said “I’m sure you’ll be okay,
The day is young so let’s begin.”
And off she flew to lead the way.

“I have no legs for running fast
So please don’t get too far ahead
If I’m alone my nerve won’t last.”
A worried Wembley quickly said.

Together they began to search
For interesting sights to see
They climbed upon a fallen birch
To marvel at a bumblebee

Whose humming echoed through the air
A truly joyous kind of song
And Wembley couldn’t help but stare
Unsure why he had moped so long

The next stop was a narrow brook
That gurgled with a pleasant sound
The fish gave him a hungry look
Which prompted them to turn around

They ran into a fragrant bush
Where Wembley stopped to fill his nose
Matilda had to gently push
And say, “Come on, it’s just a rose.”

All over that small wooded glade
The two explored and talked and laughed
Until they saw the glimmer fade
From daylight’s final golden shaft.

Then Wembley turned to his new chum
A strange expression on his face
He tried to speak, no words would come
So he began to slowly pace

At last he said “You’ve given me
The greatest gift a friend could give
You showed me how good life can be
And also how to truly live.”

Matilda blushed without a peep
Then left as it was time for bed
But Wembley knew he couldn’t sleep
A million thoughts raced through his head

He sat there gazing at the sky
Reluctant to go back below
For now he knew the reason why
Sometimes you have to change to grow.


Anonymous said...

It's just as beautiful as the first time I read it. :)

rch said...

And just as unknown, thanks Shirl