Monday, August 06, 2012

Toss Up

Wouldn’t we grow sick of joy
if everyday the cute and coy
were babbling their bubbly brand
of blather all across this land—
“Come on every girl and boy
take each other by the hand!”

or am I just a heartless cur
so anxious to unleash my slur
that I ignore the beauty of
attempts to spread a little love?
Shouldn’t such occasions stir
an urge to hug and not to shove

a finger halfway down my throat
before these saccharine sillies bloat
my mind with all their banal cheer
and I am smiling ear to ear
while all the touchy-feelies gloat,
my dubious conversion near.


Brother Ollie said...

I always imagine a few sweet chords when I read your work rch.

Lynn Proctor said...

very interesting thought--but today i think i would take all of the good times :)

rch said...

On any given day it could go either way with me ;^)