Friday, December 10, 2010

Barstool Origins

The Dreamer of youth
and the Cynic of age
were discussing the Truth
like a scholar and sage,

“Perception is all!”
The youngster exclaimed,
“You’re bound to recall
when your vision flamed

with a grandiose plan
based upon your belief
that the purpose of Man
was to banish all grief.”

“Indeed.” Said his friend
with the long silver mane
who would never defend
a statement so plain,

“But I was confused
those long years ago
and far too enthused
to know what I know

today.” then he paused
his gaze turned opaque
a condition that caused
the younger to shake

him with alarm
though he simply smiled
and said with wry charm
“The truth I’ve compiled?

There isn’t a wrong
or acceptable stance,
the rules must belong
to circumstance.”

The youth was amused
but quickly grew cross
“You’ve got me confused,
my wits at a loss!”

he huffily buckled
so fragile and small,
the Cynic just chuckled
he was having a ball,

but seeing himself
he pitied his friend
and said “Let’s shelf
this theme and attend

to matters befitting
great minds such as ours
like comfortable sitting
and drinking for hours!”


Shirley said...

Is your comment thingy broken or what? This is excellent! :)

rch said...

No I don't regularly reciprocate, big surprise right? Thanks bud!

Shirley said...

You're welcome. It's a stupid game they play anyway... keep writing! That's what's important.

rch said...

I can understand the need for some type of return on the time they've invested, I try to invest my scant spare time in creativity not networking, but my main concern is that people comment because something I wrote moves them, not because they want comments back.

Shirley said...

Agreed! One strange trait that showed up when I was editing WCM is that poets don't tend to read other poetry. They showed up, read their own work and left. The readers who were not poets were the ones who read the most poetry. I also know from experience that it's very easy to lose your own voice when listening intently to so many other voices. Just do your own thing and your true fans will always be around... comments or no comments! :)