Tuesday, November 23, 2010


That tattered cape
you try to drape
about your slumping frame
just doesn’t fit
so you should quit
and save yourself some shame
this world in need
will never cede
the role of hero born—
they can’t applaud
for someone flawed
by weakness to their scorn.


Robert Lloyd said...

Wow a strong poem indeed. I think I saw an elderly superman staring at a waste of humanity. Thank you for the image. It brought the fanboy comic book geek out of me...in a dark gloomy way.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Another nice one, Bob. Full of feelings that we can all identify with at one time or another. I really like this one.

Square Corner said...

Nicely done. Glad I discovered your poems.

Jan Freeman said...

Nicely rendered Bob. Even a fallen hero is welcome these days :-)

rch said...

My spandex is long gone :)