Friday, May 21, 2010


He was heard to mutter
as he waded through the clutter
“I know I didn’t stutter,

The kitchen staff was chided
so then they all decided
his will must be abided
and they rapidly divided

up a loaf and started smearing
for he was quickly nearing
and he hadn’t stopped his sneering
since the loss of his endearing

wife, with locks so curly
whose perfect teeth were pearly
her end came much too early
which made him downright surly.

But the oddest thing he started
since she had departed
to leave him broken hearted
was having rubbish carted

and piled in his dwelling
until the walls were swelling
which didn’t stop his yelling
his grief was so compelling.

One day without much warning
they found him in the morning
his bony corpse adorning
the mess that was his mourning—

the help, no longer harried
prepared the grave and carried
him gently to be buried
beside the one he married.

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