Friday, November 13, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Different

***These song lyrics popped in my head while driving to band practice. I don't have a chorus or a title yet but just thought I'd post them to break up all this iambic BS I tend to reiterate. Enjoy!***

I was stuck behind a General Lee wannabe
Going slower than a tortoise with a banged-up knee
With all six cylinders fired up and ready to go
I found myself wishin’ he would pull aside
So I could rev it up and enjoy my ride
And let the lonesome highway take away my woe

When at last I spotted that dotted line
I punched the RPMs up to nine
And smoked that sucker like he was standin’ still
I was so busy haulin’ ass
I didn’t see the trooper watch me pass
With a radar gun and a gleam upon his grille

Well I was burning up the road
So bad I made his toy explode
Which prompted him to rapidly give chase
I shoulda pulled over and just been done
But all the excitement was kinda fun
So I figured I’d give that cop one helluva race


Word Catalyst Magazine said...

haha! sounds like fun, speedy! I happen to like your iambic BS. :)

Dimple said...


hehehehe!!! quite enjoyable and obviously good :)


man in painting said...

nice one
take care

Noah the Great said...

Sometimes, you just need to go fast!

rch said...

Thanks y'all