Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The scintillating grass is so exquisite
each waving blade alive with bursts of light
that seem to hail my unexpected visit
as though I were the archetypal knight,

but lately my defenses have been failing
depending on this armor rife with chinks
and confidence in victory is ailing,
abandoning a countenance that sinks

until I take a moment to remember
it’s not the outer shell that makes you strong—
the best defense against a harsh December
is filling up your heart with summer’s song.


Shirley said...

The best advice I've heard in a long time! Beautifully written. I love the last two lines... stock up!

ozymandiaz said...

At this point I'm looking for a little winter blues. It is too friggin hot.

Shirley said...

Hey Bob, what say we trade locations with Oz for the winter. Let him shovel his way to work a few times. He'll go home with a song in his heart that can't be sung in public!

C. Weta said...

Hey yeah, 'merican poets tour of the southern hemisphere sounds like a good idea.
Bit of decay and sloughing tis ok for the new growth to come.
(Or as the Byrds 'd say, Turn Turn Turn)
Yours in spring

Gerald Galindez said...

im that kind of night... hhhee
nice poem...

Emilio said...

I enjoyed your poem very much. I wrote one with a similar theme,the changing of the seasons.It is entitled " Summer Fading" I liked the last lines. I too, feel a chill in the air here( even though it is Hawaii ).
If you have a chance please visit me at
I found you by visiting the PWB site. Good work !

rch said...

Hi Shirley, thanks I'm trying.

Yes Oz it has been hot here too but as Shirley points out it will get worse :(

Hi Glenn, how are you my friend? Enjoy the spring!!

Hi gerald, keep jousting bud!

Hello emilio, thanks I will check you out and stop back.