Thursday, June 05, 2008

Broken Dancer IV - Four Wheels

Remembering summer days
How I used to love to play
Running, jumping, climbing trees
Sharing secrets with the breeze
But then my promise made me new
I had no friends I could turn to
The price seemed much too high before
Now I wish I had paid more
How my parents taunted me
Refusing needed sympathy
Driving me to fulfill their dreams
They never heard my silent screams
Alone I laughed, alone I cried
Alone I chose to run and hide
I never wanted company
My only friend was misery

Remembering those days at school
When I played the silent fool
Afraid to share my tales of pain
Afraid of being controlled again
The dance was all I lived to do
It kept me strong and pulled me through
The times when no one seemed to care
The troubled times of deep despair
Silence, all I dreamed about
Was constantly being shut out
By the applause of those who always failed
To see the hate my smile veiled
Pain, the only thing real for me
Was confused with artistic eccentricity
Never feeling understood
I’ve grown up cold and subdued

Remembering those days on stage
I suppress a fleeting rage
That cries for recompense
That strives to make some sense
My dancers legs, no longer whole
Destroyed by fate in a single blow
Lie uselessly below my waist
Displaying the result of my haste
Yes, four wheels make up most of me
Two large, two small in harmony
The rest is just a wasted mass
Barely able to make a gasp
If only I had tried a little more
If only I had cared before
Perhaps these endless days of pain
Would not be driving me insane


paisley said...

damn.. this just keeps getting better.. the lyrical form to this makes it almost surreal given the subject matter... excellent.....

Stacey said...

Oh wow....

"I never wanted company
My only friend was misery"

This reads so sad, but is written excellently at the same time :-D

rch said...

Hi paisley, thanks. This is really old, it was inspired by Pink Floyd type albums, I am particularly fond of Roger Waters' writing.

Hey Stacey, yes it's a 'classic' tragedy type story unfortunately, as if there aren't enough already right? Thanks!