Friday, May 09, 2008

Key Ring

Back in days of innocence
my heart was like an open door;
the portal to such pristine bliss
unlocked, I thought, for evermore.

But as orbits quickly flew
I felt the pull of gravity,
every time my burden grew
I gained another weighty key.

My ring has grown over time
denoting quite a heavy load,
it jingles with a haunting chime
that rings goodbye to days of old.

Now my heart, no longer free
clamors in a rusting cage,
as I scrounge for one small key
to loose the fetters of old age.


Dan said...

Great concept, Bob. Children seem brutally honest at times with emotions and words, but as life unfolds we tend to lock things away.

Noah The Great said...

It is quite a piece!

My heart has never really been open, though. Well, it is in my writing :D.

Stacey said...

Thats the thing about innocence Bob, your heart is open to the whole world but then....age comes creeping in and the heart locks everything out ;-)

Shirley said...

Hey, if you should find that key have some copies made!

ozymandiaz said...

You are speaking to my heart now. Granted I also have a key ring like that for real...

rch said...

Hey all! This is an older one which I tweaked a little. Thanks for the comments.