Friday, November 17, 2006


Well this is it true believers, I am done with another chapter in my less than predictable life. I have successfully completed my courses and would like to thank all the staff at the University of Tennessee and PSPI for 3 great weeks; you really took care of us well. I’m heading back home earlier today to embark on new journeys armed with fresh knowledgeand high expectations. It is officially one year today that I started this blog to force myself to write more and it definitely worked. Browsing through my archives I can’t even believe the amount of material that came out of me in 365 days. Life has limited my creative time lately but hopefully the next year will be filled with inspiration that I can share here for anyone that is so inclined to read it. The poem I’m posting today is a direct result of all this statistical lingo I’ve absorbed lately, so take it for a spin and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home! And now...the rest of the story. Sorry. I couldn't resist.