Thursday, August 31, 2006


Amidst cacophonous confusion
harmonies in sweet profusion
issue from a madly whirring
mechanism made for stirring
giddy bouts of screaming laughter
to echo through each lighted rafter.

Something in the way she moves me
elevates my mood and proves we
sometimes have a credo worth abiding;
future fun depends on whether
people really come together
to use the stub we all possess for riding.


Anonymous said...

Well, that's a happy little tune and 'A Ticket to Ride' to boot! Beatle Mania! I think I still have their original album somewhere.

ozymandiaz said...

Sexy sexy...
I don't know if it was meant that way
But this comes accross as very dirty
Or perhaps its just my mind

rch said...

Hey Shirley, yes it's county fair time again and while my wife engaged in a game of 'chance', I was listening to the Fab 4 blaring from the ride next door.

Hi Oz, it's funny you say that because I almost changed stub to pass for just that reason. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, I always enjoyed reading your poems with rhythm reverberating inside. Also, my deepest thanks for your moving comment at Diary of Silence; I needed that amid my hectic preparation for my forthcoming show.