Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dig In

Forgive me if I seem defensive
but why should rhyming be offensive?
The melody of parallel sounds
can also be expressive,

as words are just like clay for molding;
unblemished paper ripe for folding
into an origami rose
your mind will relish holding.

So savor sonic situations
that utilize unique relations,
no flowery form will ever bloom
without some cultivation.

Read a most eloquent reply here.

Another poet digs in here.


Crunchy Weta said...

:-) You are so right to compare rhyme to natures flowery forms (can they really not grow without cultivation?). Problem is that once begun, it becomesdifficult to break free from rhyming and I end up thinking like some crazy rappmeister. Why does rhyme get so stuck in ones mind. Another bullseye Bob.

rch said...

Thanks Glenn,

I just linked you back! I have been toying with some fv stuff that I will post soon, hopefully it won't be too bad. 8^D

Anonymous said...

There is certainly nothing offensive in the way you do it! 'An origami rose your mind will reslish holding'...what an elegant thought.

Billy Jones said...

You know I had to get in on this as well. ;-)

rch said...

Thanks Shirley, I think that's the first time anything I did was called elegant. ;-)

Hey Billy, welcome aboard!!