Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

The vernal equinox went by and I,
quite anxious to enjoy the robin’s song,
instead encountered one that ere too long
encouraged graying doubt to cloud the sky.
A penetrating rime has chilled my bones
with icicles like daggers taking aim
at any understanding I could claim
to have of life; my sagging shelter groans
beneath the weight of blinding snows that swirl
in patterns previously unforeseen,
aroused by lively biting winds that mean
to change the scene with all the white they hurl.

Determined now to flee this lonely drift—
in debt to Frost for leaving such a gift.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem that captures eloquently just how I've been feeling since spring started with a snow fall this year.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful and, I was careful not to put you in the poem. What a good girl am I.

rch said...

Anon, thank you, I hope spring brightens your world asap!

Shirley, thank you also and, yes you are!