Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Final Frontier?


Left dry by hyper stasis
in search of an oasis
but all I saw were endless auburn dunes,
the ocher sunlight sizzled
my strength completely fizzled
until I was illumed by violet moons.

While contemplating action
I garnered a distraction
by counting all the stars I couldn’t name;
a distant sapphire twinkled
in thought, my forehead wrinkled—
which way to go when each way looks the same?

My compass rather useless
and current stance quite fruitless
I headed for that beacon burning blue,
you may be disapproving
but I had to just keep moving
for sometimes that is all that you can do.

A body lacking fluid
can quickly get deluded
so when she first appeared I wasn’t scared,
some merciful persona
an alien Madonna?
My fiercely cracking lips no longer cared.

The cool and pleasing tickle
of water’s blessed trickle
released my tongue enough to whisper, “Why?”
she smiled without talking
became a crutch for walking
until my failing legs could not comply.

I woke to some commotion
where I was, I had no notion
but every steely surface brightly shone,
a nurse-bot spied me stirring
in need of reassuring
and said the med team found me quite alone.

It seems this expedition
began their rescue mission
from Vega Prime, that steady cobalt flare;
no matter where you wander
don’t stray enough to squander
the faith it takes to say a little prayer.


Anonymous said...

A very interesting write. It sounds like a variation on the old cliche 'Any port in a storm will do.'

rch said...

Yes and also in a broader sense that there is a 'higher power' and perhaps new levels of existence to explore. Thanks for commenting,

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Agreed. I'm off to explore something other than writing for a while. Take care of yourself and good luck with the project. Please keep me posted on your success. –Shirley

Anonymous said...

BTW I didn't even mention that this is one beautiful piece of writing. Nothing less than I would expect from you though.